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May 2017

 There is a possibility that, during one of the many times you’ve had a conversation with a company via messenger, you were interacting with a chatbot.   How sure are you that it wasn’t?   In the last couple of months there has been a growing trend in the usage and development of Chatbots for Messenger, Facebook’s instant messaging platform. In this article I will explain how to identify...

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Have you ever felt stuck in life?      It is well known that an entrepreneur’s mindset is a key factor for achieving success. But what can you do when things don’t quite work out? You may or may not have experienced this feeling but, truthfully, every person goes through this life stage sooner or later, be it on a professional or personal level. Do not fret! I remember one of...

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Have you asked yourself if your career or business is fixed on a purpose greater than profit? Do you consider this to be something important? This is relevant for businesses and entrepreneurship in general. Having a defined purpose makes you more likely to surpass the success rate, which shows that only 5% of companies remain in business after 5 years of being established. An important thing...

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