Be present on the Internet, patients are waiting for you.


Digital marketing today is no longer exclusive to large companies like the ones you have in mind, in fact marketing is already a thing of daily life.

Nowadays, it is possible to make use of several technological tools to attract more customers, to self-advertise. For example: it is very common to see Facebook pages for everything and the reason for that is because it works.

From where you are, be it your practice, a clinic or a hospital you can take advantage of the great advantages of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, which will get you to your market, to get to know you in a successful way, to have more clients, Achieve your confidence and reach your recommendation.

Currently many specialists still consider marketing and classic advertising, which is to put ads in the newspaper, yellow section and flyers (which may still work) to offer their services and highlight their huge competition but most of these professionals and more independent know what is done now and a better way to make presence.

The reality is that the simple fact of having your business, a business card, your office and your services is enough to do marketing, the most important thing is that you know how to do it and also that they advise you how the experts do it.


If you are a doctor or a health professional and you are interested in taking the next step in your business and want to have more patients, you have to read the following article.

  • First things first, YOU HAVE TO GET TO KNOW.

You will think that it is the most complicated but there are many tools that will make it easier to see, definitely what you want is for people to know about you, what you do and where you are located.

This is what you have to do:

  1. Have a web page (indispensable nowadays) where your specialty, your services, your location, etc. are displayed.
  2. Have a facebook page and instagram to make your brand presence on social networks.
  3. Have a good branding, this is what your potential customers see and what they will say about your brand because it is their identity. This is important because it creates trust, improves visibility.
  4. Do not forget to have business cards that reflect and speak well of your services.


  • Build trust with your future customers

The confidence factor is paramount in the area of ​​your work, the person who visits you for the first time is almost always because someone recommended you or because you have information about your work through a source that you consider trustworthy.

Cultivating a reputation that generates trust is one of the main tactics that you should have in your digital marketing strategy.

In your business it is everything that you have clients that trust you, this is something that we suggest:

  1. Create a blog and publish articles of interest to your audience.
  2. Open a profile in linkdin and interact with groups.
  3. Share tips (a graphic, photo or video) useful health in Social Networks.
  4. Share your history, philosophy, knowledge and experiences on your website.


  • Educate your customers

The more confidence your patients have, the more they will recommend you. Search forums on the internet to do it: Blogs, Webinar, Newsletter, live broadcasts, video, etc.

Try to remember the websites where you can find your work or recommend yourself, also try to give informative brochures with your data at the end.

Try to keep your new virtual tools in motion, always providing something new, something of interest to your patients, recommend your page, invite them to interact or register.

Look for information that is useful for your market in general.

Some suggestions are:

  1. Make videos about health and share it on your social networks.
  2. Offer a webinar per month on specific topics in which you have available to answer questions and offer advice.
  3. Prepare templates and graphs that confirm what you report.


  • Offers talks and conferences

In Tijuana the health sector is strong and there is no better strategy than to expose what you know to many people in person. Take advantage of the opportunities for events in the city.

Let yourself be invited to schools and universities. Seeks to offer this service in the business sector. You can also implement small courses, the purpose is to keep people motivated and involved in their process, and they will always have the preference to go with you.

  • Dare to do Public Relations

There is no better tool to sell than cultivating relationships with other people, so start contact with other people:


  1. Learn to use YA social networks, is a good tool to do RP.

  2. Integrate associations, clubs or business chambers of your sector or specialty.

  3. It seeks to close agreements in the companies of people close to you.



Now you know, marketing for doctors is a great opportunity to become an industry leader.

We are Digital Lab Agency, a digital marketing agency that works in San Diego, we want to know your marketing objectives and help you create the strategy that will position you in the minds of patients.