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October 2019

The power of online marketing has increased exponentially within the past decade. How a brand leverages the internet to reach its customers says a lot about its success. The following 11 online marketing statistics are hard proof that if you aren’t putting laser focus on digital strategies, you will fall way behind the competition.   1. E-Commerce sales are predicted to hit $4.5 trillion in the next...

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  The healthcare industry is not exempt from the digital age. In fact, it is at the forefront of it. As technology progresses, healthcare companies have been rapidly propelled forward. This is the main reason why the role of digital marketing in the healthcare industry has become even more critical. If your organization is ready to take its reputation and visibility to the next level, then...

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 Whether you’ve just built your business or have been working with a well-established one, the importance of marketing has never wavered. The digital landscape has provided companies with many more opportunities and channels to share their messages. However, just because a plethora of channels exist does not mean they are the most effective ways to market your business online. Digital Marketing agencies are essential in...

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