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July 2020

Law firms and lawyers lean on word of mouth reviews and Google My Business for incoming clientele. However, they’re efforts to improve their digital marketing schemes should not stop there.   If you’re a law firm or a respected lawyer looking to increase your overall clientele, you might want to look into these areas to improve your marketing: Blog Content, Instagram & Facebook, and Video Marketing.   Let’s take...

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Digital Marketing for Pharma

Pharmaceutical companies are funded through numerous programs and sponsors day-in and day-out. However, big Pharma companies do still need to participate in digital marketing to stay ahead of the game and keep people informed on certain circumstances.   Generally speaking, the main digital marketing areas to focus on here consist of Chatbots, SEO, and Social Media Marketing. They all have their solidified place in the spectrum.   Let’s briefly...

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Digital Marketing for Apps

Applications get a great marketing reputation through the app store. Reviews are typed up, star ratings are shown, and photos of past experiences are presented.   But, the app store isn’t the only place you can create digital marketing for applications. Optimizing the App Store Page is #1, but you can also consider outsourcing Reviews and targeting lead Influencers.   Let’s talk a bit about each of these categories.   Optimizing...

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Digital Marketing Strategies

What is lead generation?   Lead generation is a marketing technique known to spark customer interest; oftentimes, consumers will ask questions about products and potentially purchase goods.   That means that digital marketing for lead generation is perfect for a new and upcoming business - you’ll want to give as much relevant information to your potential clients as you physically, possibly can. And Product Trials, Ads, and Creative Content...

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