The marketing landscape is always evolving, and often, some channels still remain highly profitable and unsaturated.


LinkedIn’s growth for the past years has transformed this platform into a great place to connect with people who are open to having a conversation about business.


Connecting with people online at that level and that quickly is highly valuable in the business world. The fact that you can establish trust and credibility by providing value or helping at the beginning of the conversation makes your message stand out as soon as you use the platform.


After finishing this article, you will learn what the critical steps to have a successful growth hacking strategy in place for your startup or company are.


These are proven methods that have generated over 1M in sales in the past six months


1- Envision your goal


What burns on the inside every morning that motivates you to keep going?


Think about what you want to accomplish and identify the group of people who can help you reach that goal.
Let me give you some examples of business goals and strategies I have done for myself and other companies.


Binational Tech Meetup:

The goal was to find businesspeople and investors in the binational tech ecosystem. What’s unique about the ecosystem is that it leverages cross-border resources and cultural backgrounds that make it unique and competitive in the world.


The result was incredible, people from various backgrounds got together to explore opportunities, and the best part was that investors funded a Real Estate project; one of the many buildings of the new and booming industry in Tijuana, Mexico.



Cross-border hackathon focused on sharing technology to the world. The first edition took place in Tijuana, Mexico, finding sponsors from the United States and delivering results using AR Technology. 


Chatbot World:

Virtual Global Summit. The goal of this webinar is to create awareness and find business leads to develop custom chatbots or integrate existing marketing tools in the business operations.


Corporate and Startup Events:

This strategy is intended to create massive awareness and establish authority in a specific niche to generate leads and sales for your company. Beware, it requires upfront investment in time and resources, depending on the connections you have with your ecosystem (meaning, venues, beverage and food vendors).


Recruitment opportunities:

Whenever you need to find quality candidates for your startup or company, remember that with LinkedIn you can see highly targeted profiles and connect with them using tools like recruiter light or sales navigator, plus marketing automation software to help you in the process.


Lead Generation:

To make this activity successful for your organization you must first optimize your profile to establish authority and trust, make sure to have a good photo that transmits your expertise in your market.


A successful campaign will create for you new business opportunities every single day. For example:



Content Creation:

There are times where sourcing for content with experts through interviews or round-up is the best option for your content marketing strategy. It helps you establish a great connection with thought leaders, plus you have produced fresh content to share with your audience.


Equity Investment opportunities:

If you’re past the seed stage for your startup and are ready to scale to the next level, this is a way on how to find investors and establish a connection directly with them.


Remember to have your pitch deck ready, updated and with proven traction. It will save you time and effort by actually being able to prove your statements to investor and get funding faster.


2- Setup your content marketing strategy


Social selling is a relatively new method on how to sell using social media as the platform to connect with your target audience at scale.


This approach considers that you have identified how you will add value or solve a pain point in a specific industry.


After you have that point figured out, you must then create a two-phase marketing campaign to connect with new prospects and keep nurturing them to help them take a better business decision choosing your offer.


Phase 1:

Create a short 200 character pitch where you offer content or advise on your potential connection.


Phase 2:

Tag the profiles and add them to your CRM so you can remind them of your offer in less than a 15 day period to convert those people who did not take any action.


Having a blog article created in advanced, PDF or other related resources that help you take that first swing.


3- Execute and optimize.


Before even starting this step, make sure you will commit to investing the time and resources in this strategy to achieve your results.


First, start off by using Sales Navigator or Recruiter Light to identify your target audience on LinkedIn.


Then, connect with them and share your initial value proposition (the 200 character message) to gather valuable information from them.


At Digital Lab, we have identified that around a 3-6% reply rate is the sweet spot to determine if your campaign is being successful or not.


Remember to have ready your favorite CRM in place and email marketing automation sequences ready. A crucial step to make your marketing efforts successful.



Bonus Growth Hack # 1


LinkedIn Email List Growth Hack


Email is King. Social platforms are changing every day, and data is crucial for your business.


Value goes first in every business relationship. No matter how many growth hacks you try, there’s no substitute for that.


After I’ve made my point, I want to share with you one of LinkedIn’s hidden features: how to extract your contacts emails.



Why is this important?


You need them to set up your marketing automation campaigns. Meaning more closed deals for your startup or company.


Follow these steps:


1. In your home page click My Network


2. Once there, click on See All on the left side of your screen


3. Click on Manage synced and imported contacts.


4. Click on Export contacts



5. You will see another window, once there select the option “The works” or choose whatever data you need. Finally, click on Request archive to receive an email notification once your download data is ready.



Let’s wrap it up!


Congratulations for making it this far. I shared with you proven growth marketing tactics to grow your network and increase business opportunities.


These tactics have helped us generate new business in the real estate, software development, manufacturing and digital marketing industries in the past six months. I’m sure you will adapt and find a fit for your B2B Marketing strategy.


Put it in practice immediately to learn and adapt it to your product or service.


Let me know if you have any comments or ideas about this 3-step framework.


Keep Growth Hacking!


Alan Miranda

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