Whether you’ve just built your business or have been working with a well-established one, the importance of marketing has never wavered. The digital landscape has provided companies with many more opportunities and channels to share their messages. However, just because a plethora of channels exist does not mean they are the most effective ways to market your business online. Digital Marketing agencies are essential in providing market insight and doing the groundwork.  By carefully selecting the most targeted channels, you will ensure your message is seen by the right audience at the right time for the right product.


Organic Social Media Marketing

Perhaps one of the simplest, yet effective, ways to reach your audience is through the power of organic social media. Setting up the social media accounts actually has no hard cost to your business. From there, your organization should develop a sound strategy, and use the various social channels as a way to engage directly with your audience. When we use the word organic, it means the posts come naturally from your feed and are interacted with naturally. (No funds exchange hands for you to see those messages). This works when your brand already has a solid following, or at least has enough awareness out there for people to come look for it.


Paid Influencer and Digital Ad Campaigns

This strategy to market your business online, does come with a cost (and sometimes a hefty one at that). While you will be utilizing your free social media accounts for tags and traffic, this strategy requires a financial investment. It doesn’t have to be super significant, however. You can set your budget as low and as high as you are comfortable with, and also tweak it as results begin to flow in. With paid influencers, you have a more natural and authentic feeling advertisement for your brand. Digital ad campaigns allow you to target those who are already somewhat down-funnel and are searching for your product. A fair warning though, some influencers will ask for hefty flat fees due to the number of followers they have. Followers can be purchased. The more important metric is impressions and engagements – how many people are actually seeing your content, and how many are actually engaging with you or other customers?


High Quality Blog Posts

High-quality is the key word here. Writing blogs posts is simple, but being able to concisely articulate about your brand in an eloquent, yet concise manner, is a matter for a wordsmith extraordinaire. It is important to position yourself authentically as the best option in your field with a plethora of supporting evidence. Make it personable. Your blog is an opportunity to skip the formalities and get to know those most interested in your business or products. Don’t forget, initial fans can last a lifetime.


Personalized Email Marketing

Sending out mass emails to a database no longer flies in this industry. Email marketing should be personal and is not up for negotiation. With personalized email marketing, it seems that the company actually took time to not only learn their names, but to also know details special to them such as their favorite brands, hobbies and current activities. Content should be curated accordingly, and lists should also be classified and separated based on click behavior on the past emails.


SEO Implementation

Last, but not least, is search engine optimization implementation. If you want to show up on the first page of Google results for your target keywords, you must infuse your target keywords in a naturally compelling way in all of your blog posts. Include them in the post’s metadata and headings/sub-headings. Stuffing a bunch of keywords back to back can not only ruin your online reputation, but also result in the site having a temporary block from traffic. You do not want to be blacklisted by Google, as grabbing a spot on the first page of Google is almost required now to grow your business. It is critical to consistently refresh the content on site to make it better and better.


At the end of the day, the five most effective ways to market your business online are through Organic Social Media Marketing, Paid Influencer and Digital Ad Campaigns, High Quality Blog Posts, Personalized Email Marketing and SEO Implementation. With a small, upfront investment in digital strategies, you can make a large and continuous return. Get in contact with a Digital Marketing expert today!

 Hugo Cen Co-Founder of Digital Lab Agency award winning digital marketing agency in

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