5 Ways to Engage Meaningful Conversations with Potential Clients on Linkedin


For the past two years I’ve been working on Linkedin for multiple reasons: digital marketing strategies, lead generation, content creation, networking.


At first it seemed to be just a place for me to find potential employment opportunities. Then I had the opportunity to find about Growth Hacking and the many possibilities you can do with Linkedin as the go-to platform for B2B companies who want to connect online with other like-minded people.


I’ve had the experience to promote multiple events in various cities in Mexico and the United States; and I have found great business opportunities with these five pointers I’m going to share with you on this blog post.


Nowadays, where an average professional on Linkedin receives daily a large amount of automated messages, you have to be able to stand out with a unique story; and when you approach potential clients, you’ll want to engage them in meaningful conversations and begin developing a relationship they’ll want to take beyond the digital platforms.


Use these methods to interact with prospective business on LinkedIn in a meaningful and memorable way.


1. Optimized Professional Profile

First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure your profile is both professional and optimized for your line of business. If you’re looking to pull in new clients, ensure the information is informative and answers questions your clients would have in selecting who they want to work with.


Having a profile photo is an absolute must as well as a comprehensive profile with all sections filled out. Including recommendations from those who have worked with you previously is also vital to attracting new business.


Third-party endorsements are key to validating yourself and company.


2. Post Informative Content

When posting content on LinkedIn it should be both purposeful and informative. Anything you post should be consistent with the overall branding of yourself and your company.


It shows potential clients that you are up-to-date with the latest industry trends and can be relied on to stay ahead of the competition.


This also goes for your LinkedIn marketing activity, as your connections will be able to not only see what you post, but what you interact with through likes and comments.


For example, if you create a webinar around a specific topic, you gain authority, plus the opportunity to connect with potential prospects at scale for a virtually low setup cost.


3. Share Relevant and Valuable Information via Private Message

Don’t be too shy to reach out to prospects. By sending a private message with relevant and valuable information that can be useful to them, you will build a rapport that has potential to become a long-term relationship.


If used correctly, this is one of the most powerful growth hacking tactics and can generate a lot of traction in your Linkedin Inbox, and Sales Navigator Inbox as well.


Always be genuine in your interactions. If nothing else, they will appreciate you trying to help their business, and may even recommend you to someone else you didn’t initially know about.


For example, if you want to create a round-up blog post and create a unique piece of content, you can use Linkedin to source potential contributors, as shown in the image below:


4. Spread Your Expertise in LinkedIn Articles

Writing articles on LinkedIn can help establish you as an authority in your field.


Pick topics that people generally inquire about as typically these become the most viewed and shareable. Encourage your connections to share them with their networks both on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to build popularity and increase the visibility of your articles.


Don’t just say you’re an expert in your field, show industry gurus and potential leads that you are one by demonstrating your insightful approach to the topic at hand.


Show that you’re the person to work with if you’re looking for a partner in that line of business.


5. Invite Connections to Events (or Coffee)

Trying to engage potential clients does not have to just be a hard sell. Invite your connections to network at events that would benefit their organization. It gives you an opportunity to get to know them while also attending an event that maybe they would not have attended otherwise. If nothing else, a cup of coffee is always a great way to build a strong bond.


For example in this message sent, Hugo, SEO & Content Strategist for Digital Lab, is focusing on providing high-quality events to CEO’s in San Diego and Los Angeles.


That is how we make sure to remain top of mind with our network.


If you’re seeking new opportunities to reach prospects, LinkedIn is one of the best and most powerful tools to do so.


Remember to create an optimized profile, post informative content, share relevant and valuable information via private messages, spread your expertise in LinkedIn articles and invite your connections to events, or even a cup of coffee!


By doing so, you can reach leads you would never have otherwise and build sincere connections with companies who can count on you when stuck or to even be their partners.


Either way, you’ll be establishing meaningful conversations and connections that are more likely to create long-term relationships that are hopefully beneficial to both parties.


Start executing and share your learnings!


Alan Miranda


Co-Founder & CEO


Digital Lab is an award winning Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego.


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Hugo Cen Co-Founder of Digital Lab Agency award winning digital marketing agency in San Diego, Ca




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