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Author: Alan M

  The healthcare industry is not exempt from the digital age. In fact, it is at the forefront of it. As technology progresses, healthcare companies have been rapidly propelled forward. This is the main reason why the role of digital marketing in the healthcare industry has become even more critical. If your organization is ready to take its reputation and visibility to the next level, then...

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Do you know the importance of using a chatbot for your business??   Today I want to share 3 Key benefits of using a chatbot for your business?✅:   -The capability of building a business around Messenger. -Finding new ways on how to invest your company's resources -Increase your marketing automation capabilities with your messenger list.   Here's a list of tips that will help you set up your first chatbot?✊     Tip#1- Integrate your...

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5 Ways to Engage Meaningful Conversations with Potential Clients on Linkedin   For the past two years I’ve been working on Linkedin for multiple reasons: digital marketing strategies, lead generation, content creation, networking.   At first it seemed to be just a place for me to find potential employment opportunities. Then I had the opportunity to find about Growth Hacking and the many possibilities you can do with...

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