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Digital Marketing for Restaurants

Restaurants don’t want to have the same clientele day in and day out; they’d rather have the regulars come in and attend to newcomers. The best of both worlds.   But, how can a restaurant exceed their digital marketing capabilities to get such a job done?   Through loyalty programs, Yelp reviews, and Google+ accounts.   Loyalty Programs   People love getting discounts and deals when visiting their favorite restaurants - or even...

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Digital Marketing for Events

Promotional and marketing efforts need to be put into place for events to be successful. If they’re not, the end result of an event may be different, with less attendees and less overall fun.   For people in charge of an event, and the event itself to be a big hit, digital marketing should include social media, SEO, blog posts, and online video content.   But, what should you...

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Digital Marketing for Healthcare

Marketing experts willingly help companies and businesses with promotional efforts. Ideas get bounced around and final decisions are made.   But, some areas of digital marketing aren’t as easy as that. Some processes need to be really thought out. That’s a very true statement when it comes to healthcare digital marketing schematics.   Think about it - in healthcare, how do you market well enough to get additional patients?...

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Digital Marketing

Every agency throughout the world has a different way of marketing their specific brand, company, or business. Franchises are not outside of that bracket.   Local SEO, content marketing, social media, and email marketing are necessary for a franchise to come up with a successful marketing scheme.   But, how does a franchise move forward with these areas of marketing?   Local SEO   People search for local franchises on their cell phones...

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What are the Emerging Business Trends from COVID-19? The world around us is changing every single day due to COVID-19. Cities are under self-quarantine, students are learning lessons from home, businesses are partially or fully closing up shop and setting up processes in-house, even animals are getting worried seeing their owners home every single day. But just because the world is changing, doesn’t mean we all have...

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Work on Your Businesses Fundamentals Right now, COVID-19 is making its way across countries, infecting and affecting hundreds of thousands of people. There is no cure and there are no vaccines created and confirmed, yet. In the midst of this craziness, public health officials are urging citizens everywhere to wash their hands frequently and be mindful of the appropriate social distancing guidelines.That’s the information that the...

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The power of online marketing has increased exponentially within the past decade. How a brand leverages the internet to reach its customers says a lot about its success. The following 11 online marketing statistics are hard proof that if you aren’t putting laser focus on digital strategies, you will fall way behind the competition.   1. E-Commerce sales are predicted to hit $4.5 trillion in the next...

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  The healthcare industry is not exempt from the digital age. In fact, it is at the forefront of it. As technology progresses, healthcare companies have been rapidly propelled forward. This is the main reason why the role of digital marketing in the healthcare industry has become even more critical. If your organization is ready to take its reputation and visibility to the next level, then...

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