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Do you know the importance of using a chatbot for your business??   Today I want to share 3 Key benefits of using a chatbot for your business?✅:   -The capability of building a business around Messenger. -Finding new ways on how to invest your company's resources -Increase your marketing automation capabilities with your messenger list.   Here's a list of tips that will help you set up your first chatbot?✊     Tip#1- Integrate your...

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The marketing landscape is always evolving, and often, some channels still remain highly profitable and unsaturated.   LinkedIn’s growth for the past years has transformed this platform into a great place to connect with people who are open to having a conversation about business.   Connecting with people online at that level and that quickly is highly valuable in the business world. The fact that you can establish trust...

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Nowadays it is necessary to have an online presence for anyone who does a medical consultation or operates a private clinic.   Digital Marketing in the health industry is fundamental for all professionals in the health sector, especially for medical professionals who work with a private practice or clinic, that most Internet users search their ailments.   This is a good opportunity for a future client to find you...

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