Linkedin is like Facebook, but for professionals. It’s all about connecting and sharing with other professionals in hopes to recruit, prospect, and of course, network. Most executives and business owners have their own personal profile, while also managing a company profile. Linkedin has proven to be a successful lead generator for many B2B companies but many lose sight of how to market on this constantly-evolving platform. Here are five Linkedin marketing strategies to help you generate leads for your business in 2019.

  1. Your profile is your first impression: Make sure it’s a good one

Whether it’s your personal profile or your companies profile, you need to have it fully completed and bringing constant value and clarity to your viewers. Go onto your profile and click “Overview.” If there are items in the overview that aren’t filled out, make sure to get those filled out as soon as possible.


Every bit of copy that is on your profile is a chance to generate a lead. When writing out your descriptions, be sure to write in the context of who you are targeting. The most simple way to generate a lead on Linkedin is for a viewer to click over to your website. Most viewers will be curious to see how you present yourself on all your platforms so make sure your Linkedin profile correlates to your overall brand.


  1. Be proactive: Create advanced searches and don’t forget to save them

Regardless of your objective, Linkedin has all the professionals you’re looking for- it’s just a matter of getting connected with them. After you’ve created a strong, defined profile, you need to be proactive and start funneling leads through the Linkedin advanced search integration. Don’t wait for prospects to find you. You have the ability to create an in-depth search on your ideal prospect- the targeting is limited to how much detail you’re willing to add in. Once you’ve established this search, save that audience and spend time each week engaging and connecting with potential prospects.

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  1. Bring value: Create and share industry-relevant content

What drives leads? Content, content, and more content. You should have your content mapped out in advance and bringing rich industry-driven concepts that will strike an interest in your viewers. Linkedin content ideas can come from other professional profiles that you find credible or by linking your own professional website/blog. Don’t junk up your profile and your connection’s newsfeed with pointless, irrelevant content. Always ask yourself before publishing, “Will this bring value to my audience?”


  1. Work with the algorithm: Write articles directly on Linkedin

Did you know that you have an article publishing tool integrated on your profile? This is a popular Linkedin marketing strategy for 2019. Make sure to write relevant articles that are rich with keywords, that way you will be brought up in Linkedin searches. Always be sure to add links back to your website or contact information. Don’t have the time to create a complete new group of articles each week? No worries, cross-post content from your professional blog/website. This type of strategy will help you on the backend and give viewers another opportunity to see your blog.


  1. Get involved: Join groups and create groups.

Last but not least, get involved with the digital community. Groups are a great way to connect even further. The purpose of Linkedin groups is to “provide a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share their insights and experiences, ask for guidance, and build valuable connections.” Join the right groups and you’re in a pool full of potential leads.


The most important takeaway is to stay consistent. It’s just like running a business, in order to be successful, you have to keep implementing and growing each and every day.


Hugo Cen Co-Founder of Digital Lab Agency award winning digital marketing agency in San Diego, Ca




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