Before delving into how to make use of growth hacking, we should discuss what “growth hacking” actually means. Growth hacking is the technique in marketing that combines data analytics with other marketing strategies. This combination results in what is called scalable business growth. 


To be effective at growth hacking you must consistently test, analyze and optimize for exponential growth. 


The true focus of growth hacking is to find the metric that is most important to the overall goal. It means getting your product, idea, or service to your target audience as quickly as possible. Think outside the box.


Growth Marketing Hacks for 2020
Growth Hacking.


What is Growth Marketing Hacking? 


Growth marketing is about utilizing several marketing strategies instead of just one. 


You need to figure out which traction channels work best for your company. Is it SEO, advertising, email, blogs? Which of these create the best leads, traffic and page views? 


What about social media, content, creative, piggybacking, affiliates, partnerships, referrals and influencers? Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are all great places to draw in potential customers. 


Don’t forget about Snapchat and TikTok. There were social platforms prior to Facebook and there will always be new ones coming. 


Stay current. 


What Tools are Available for Growth Hacking?


LinkedIn is one of the main social platforms to utilize, especially for B2B connections and there are some great tools available to use with LinkedIn to further growth even more. Let’s take a look at some of those now.


Lempod is a very effective way to engage quickly because it contains hundreds of other engagement pods to cause exponential growth. Expandi is a safe way to automate your LinkedIn outreach and provides some amazing daya analysis. Shield delves much deeper into analytics than LinkedIn’s built in analytics.


Growth Marketing Hacks - Digital Lab Agency
Lempod: Share your LinkedIn Posts and get Likes & Comments.


Automation has to be one of the biggest components of growth hacking. Thankfully, there are a couple of tools that can help significantly boost the effectiveness of automation. For lead generation and customer outreach, check out PhantomBuster. Zapier has thousands of integrations already.


Growth Marketing Hacks - Digital Lab Agency
Phantombuster: Automate everything you do on the Web.


For email marketing, check into Lemlist, Dropcontact, Drip and Mailtrap. They each offer different benefits, but are all effective in their individual areas. Lemlist offers quite a bit of personalization features for cold outreach emails. Dropcontact is possibly the best at finding valid emails. Drip is great for transactional emails and Mailtrap tests emails for broken codes and errors.


Growth Marketing Hacks - Digital Lab Agency
Lemlist: Send cold emails that get replies.


SEO, or search engine optimization and backlink building are important skills for organic customer engagement. HARO is great for PR and backlink building. Ahrefs works for SEO and backlink building by finding useful keywords and backlinks, tracking performance, and more.


Growth Marketing Hacks - Digital Lab Agency
Haro: Is great for PR and backlink building.


As for content distribution, what’s the point of great content if no one sees it? These tools help get your content noticed. Quuu Promote gets your content distributed quickly, but only if it is accepted by them. They have high standards. GrowthHackers is free and will help get a lot of eyes on your content as well as a chance at being in the 70k strong newsletter.


Growth Marketing Hacks - Digital Lab Agency
Quuu: Promote your content on social media.


Once you get people to your site, then you need to focus on conversion. Fortunately, there are a few tools to help with that as well. Notifia is a great conversion tool, especially for e-commerce and SaaS companies. Poptin enables you to create eye-catching pop-ups with behavior based triggers. Drift allows you to create chatbots that are very helpful for generating leads and encouraging blog subscriptions. 


Growth Marketing Hacks - Digital Lab Agency
Notifia: Marketing Tools, Plugins and Pop-ups to Convert, Engage and Retain Website Visitors.


Want to know what visitors are doing while they are – well, visiting? Mouseflow identifies where the traffic is so you can figure out the areas that need improving. 


While cutting-edge design doesn’t attract new customers, it will certainly make a difference in keeping them. You don’t want to turn away potential income because your website, social media posts, emails, etc. are outdated. 


Growth Marketing Hacks - Digital Lab Agency
Mouseflow: Reveals why your visitors aren’t converting into customers.


Venngage is easy to use to make amazing images, charts and many other visual tools. Crello is a great tool to create social media images like banners, ads and more. Finally, Loom is a great tool. Install the free chrome extension and easily create videos for your customers.


Growth Marketing Hacks - Digital Lab Agency
Venngage: Create your infographics.


The concept of Growth-Driven Design means to have a continuously updated website. Rather than taking several months upfront to work out every minor detail, get the website up and running, but update it constantly.


Did you know that outdated websites turn away most internet traffic? Constantly updating keeps your website from becoming stagnant. Being proactive helps to convert leads and keep up with design trends.


Testing Digital Marketing Strategies


Once you’ve come up with hypotheses, run experiments, run the numbers. It takes time, but is well worth the investment. Use the data to determine which skills and channels are most effective. Then continue to use those channels to guide customers to where you want them to go, thereby creating growth. Look for patterns in the data. How are you best reaching your clients? What topics get the most traction from them?


Retention – The Best Growth Marketing Strategy


Finally, once you’ve initially engaged your audience, or customers, you want to keep them coming back, right? So consider the experience they have when coming to your site, receiving your emails and reading your content. 


Do you believe they have a positive experience? Are they made to feel special and secure that your company will take care of them? 


Remember, there is no business without people. The people that provide the service and the people that buy into that service. 


And above all, no matter what you choose to do to promote your company, you have to do it well. There is no room in today’s world to be mediocre. 


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