There is a possibility that, during one of the many times you’ve had a conversation with a company via messenger, you were interacting with a chatbot. This is one of the most common social media marketing strategies for reducing time of response in your Facebook’s fan page.


How sure are you that it wasn’t?



In the last couple of months there has been a growing trend in the usage and development of Chatbots for Messenger, Facebook’s instant messaging platform. In this article I will explain how to identify if your business can increase sales with the use of a chatbot.



*Rosesland chatbot in action taking an order, a mexican business that provides online rose delivery service through Facebook.


How to tell a Chatbot from a person?


The truth is that, as time goes by, software is becoming more accurate in processing and interpreting messages in order for chatbots to have a conversation with customers.


Far from seeing it as a threat, we should consider it a tool, useful for anyone growing their business. One great benefit of building chatbots in Messenger is that you have a reliable platform that can scale to help you build your customer service team (up to a certain tier).


Rosesland, for example, an online rose delivery service, created a Chatbot that helped them manage 20% more orders during peak seasons such as Valentine’s Day.


A few simple things to consider before building  a Chatbot:




If your business gets to a point where it’s receiving 20 daily messages via inbox and giving the same answers is taking up a lot of your time, you can consider yourself a candidate for a chatbot.


You have a defined flow chart of the conversation you wish to create.


You are familiar with “Drag and Drop” systems where you can create an instant conversation, with no need of complex programming. In this case: or



Once the conversations have a defined objective, it’s pretty interesting to watch how the Chatbot controls an interaction and how, under the persuasive sales format of its messages, we generated instant customers.



When a new tool is launched into the market, you must first evaluate if it’s really something that will create value for your business, or if it’s just something you want to brag about that you’re using.


social media marketing strategies


Chatbots can be used for different stages of client discovery. For example, suppose you create a Chatbot for suggestions or entertainment, be it jokes or phrases, this would be the discovery phase of your business.


However, if you use it to complement your services, either for answering product-specific questions or giving tips like Slack or Skype do, it means that it’s used as a client retention strategy.


As you can see, there are many uses that can be given to this technology. It all depends on your business’ situation, your creativity, and resources in order to launch one and see its results.


If you’re interested in finding if your business needs a chatbot, send me a message on Facebook or comment this blog post so we can have a conversation. I’m sure you’ll find new ways to grow your company.


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Written by:

Alan Miranda

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