Have you ever felt stuck in life?



It is well known that an entrepreneur’s mindset is a key factor for achieving success.
But, what can you do when things don’t quite work out?


You may or may not have experienced this feeling but, truthfully, every person goes through this life stage sooner or later, be it on a professional or personal level.


Do not fret!


I remember one of the many bumps in my life, when I tried to open a music school without much experience. Even when I invested all my energy into the project, it did not save me from defeat.


But I had to overcome it in order to grow.


This is how I lived through this experience; although not all people think the same way about the situation they are in.


You are the one who can decide to consider the fall as learning or failure. This is where both concepts of this article come to be: Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset. What do they mean? And most importantly, which one do you fall into?





Both of these mindsets are perfectly explained by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck in her book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.”


A fixed mindset manifests itself when a person assumes their abilities are determined from birth. For example, those who claim: “I am not good with math” assume they will never be good and are inclined to never give it a try.


Another trait is that these types of people don’t take risks, feeling at a loss when out of their area of expertise.


On the other hand, people with a growth mindset are always on the hunt for new experiences. They know that defeat is merely a part of learning and they seek feedback to better themselves.


Usually, people that know triumphs are achieved through effort, discipline, and dedication are those that reach their goals on their own merits and frequently surpass expectations.



I consider that most people have a mix of both mindsets and will always fight to gain experience and, therefore, grow.


This concept is very important in business, especially when starting a project. You accept the possibility of a risk and a void of information you must fill with your own efforts, sometimes not knowing if what you’re doing will work.


It’s important to consider that, if you want to develop a new skill or improve the ones you already have, it’s just a matter of investing time and dedication in order to learn them.


Now that you know the difference, what type of mindset do you have?


Let me know in the comments: Would you like to change your habits in order to reach new goals?


Written by:

Alan Miranda 


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