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Minute Guide To: Digital Marketing for Apps

Digital Marketing for Apps

Minute Guide To: Digital Marketing for Apps

Applications get a great marketing reputation through the app store. Reviews are typed up, star ratings are shown, and photos of past experiences are presented.


But, the app store isn’t the only place you can create digital marketing for applications. Optimizing the App Store Page is #1, but you can also consider outsourcing Reviews and targeting lead Influencers.


Let’s talk a bit about each of these categories.


Optimizing the App Store Page


People generally browse the app store and find options that look good to them to download. Word of mouth, current reviews, and visual appeal all lead people to press that install button.


What can you do to optimize your page and prompt more people to download your app?


Focus on:


  • Competing for more downloads.
  • Promoting your application.
  • Creating an effective store page.
  • Constructing a perfect title.
  • Getting a visually pleasing icon to represent your brand.


Digital Marketing for Apps - Digital Lab Agency

Optimizing the App Store Page – Digital Lab Agency.




People lean on user comments for proof of credibility. In fact, this aspect of application download is quite critical.


But, there are things you have to do to ensure your app store page and online sites have the right amount of positive reviews – without pressuring people to write them.


Focus on:


  • Encouraging posts on positive feedback.
  • Reaching out to previous downloaders.




People trust the options of leaders throughout the world – specifically influencers. They’re almost being endorsed as a celebrity, and that shows downloaders and potential customers that an influencer is extremely important.


To access influencers and have them on your side, you should focus on:


  • Strategically placing your influencers where you want them to go.
  • Getting influencers to share your application with their followers. 


Here’s one more basic tip: Using influencers to help guide your positive application downloads can be more effective and less expensive in the long run.


Influencers - Digital Marketing

Influencers – Digital Marketing for Apps


Hugo Cen