Technically, business coaches work with companies to improve their marketing strategies. But, such coaches need to market themselves in order to get business, too.


So, what do business coaches do to make money?


Social Media


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all super popular right now, especially when it comes to social media marketing.


On sites like these, you can post the most relevant information you have to offer, and you can reach out to a large group of people. Which is very important, digitally.


These platforms will allow you to share content from your website while you’re interacting with your target audience.


With social media, there’s more engagement, and people have the opportunity to share your content with others.


Digital Marketing for Coaches
Social Media for Coaches | Digital Lab Agency


Email Marketing


Coaches have a reputation for developing very close-knit relationships with most of their clients. That means that you’ll want to have the opportunity to contact members of your audience more privately to discuss topics in greater detail.


Email marketing allows you to share specific content with certain people. You don’t have to show the world your answer to your client’s questions. Instead, you can simply send out an email to directly message them and have a conversation.


Email marketing is also great for promotional offers and possible free giveaways.


Digital Marketing for Coaches
Email Marketing for Coaches | Digital Lab Agency.




What do you, as a coach, have to offer? What is your brand all about?


If you have a blog, you’ll be able to answer questions such as those.


In addition to answering questions, a blog will give coaches like you the opportunity to input blog posts or miniature blurbs into social media platforms. Sending them through email marketing is also another common technique used.


Be sure to use SEO to be even more visible to your target audience when blogging, though.


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