Promotional and marketing efforts need to be put into place for events to be successful. If they’re not, the end result of an event may be different, with less attendees and less overall fun.


For people in charge of an event, and the event itself to be a big hit, digital marketing should include social media, SEO, blog posts, and online video content.


But, what should you do for each of those digital marketing categories?


Social Media


People constantly look to social media for information on upcoming events. In fact, many people will not attend an event without a strong social media presence backing it.


What can you do to have a strong social media behind your current events going on?


Focus on:


  • Creating event pages on social media outlets like Facebook.
  • Creating tweet templates on Twitter to share.
  • Posting photos on instagram to show viewers the preparation being implemented for the event.


Social Media for Events
Social Media – Digital Marketing for Events.




People enjoy searching the web for opportunities to attend events. To view current events that will be taking place soon, search engine optimization words must be selected carefully.


What can you do to improve your SEO for the event you’re planning?


Focus on:


  • Using target keywords to emphasize events in the title, body, and meta descriptions.
  • Linking event descriptions to other pages also on the initial event website.


Digital Marketing for Events
SEO – Digital Marketing for Events.


Blog Posts


People like inbound marketing strategies that allow them to come to you. People want to read information about an event and be prompted to visit the site or look at the promotional flyer. People don’t want to be forced to make a decision, they willingly want to be interested in an event.


How do you get someone interested in an event?


Focus on:


  • Entertaining and explaining relevant information to your audience.
  • Sharing posts on social media networks and through emails.


Online Video Content


People like to be in on an event before it happens. People like to view preparation videos and other videos that will convince them that attending this event will bring them joy.


How do you showcase the right video content to prospective attendees?


Focus on:


  • Preparing videos from previous events, if applicable.
  • Filming preparation videos and behind the scenes tidbits for people to feel included. 


Online Video Content
Online Video Content – Digital Marketing for Events.

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