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Minute Guide To: Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Minute Guide To: Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Law firms and lawyers lean on word of mouth reviews and Google My Business for incoming clientele. However, they’re efforts to improve their digital marketing schemes should not stop there.


If you’re a law firm or a respected lawyer looking to increase your overall clientele, you might want to look into these areas to improve your marketing: Blog Content, Instagram & Facebook, and Video Marketing.


Let’s take a closer look at each one of these categories.


Blog Content


People like to see and know how law firms are staying current and up-to-date, especially when it comes to local legal events. This will urge clients to trust you and understand where you’re coming from and what you stand for.


If you improve your blog content properly, you’ll showcase the right message to current and future clients. So, how do you get this job done correctly?


Focus on:


  • Discussing charity and community events that you’re currently involved with or sponsoring.
  • Being in-the-know with current legal events that are local and pertinent.
  • Adding photos and videos for clients to view.


Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Blog Content for Law Firms – Digital Lab Agency


Instagram & Facebook


People like to visit relevant and credible social media sites. They also like to know that law firms understand applications like Snapchat are not appropriate or applicable.


To access Instagram and Facebook the right way, you should focus on:


  • Defining your target audience.
  • Creating content for that audience that’s relevant.
  • Knowing how to respond to that audience appropriately.


Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Instagram & Facebook for Law Firms – Digital Lab Agency.


Video Marketing


People process video content a lot faster than they process written content. Plus, visually watching a video that explains a situation or scenario is more entertaining and stays in our brains a bit longer than written content would.


What can you do to make sure you’re using video marketing correctly for your law firm?


Focus on:


  • Letting your audience get to know and trust the real you and the real you behind the law firm.
  • Being strategically competitive, but in a professional manner.


Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Video Marketing for Lawyers – Digital Lab Agency.


Hugo Cen
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