Pharmaceutical companies are funded through numerous programs and sponsors day-in and day-out. However, big Pharma companies do still need to participate in digital marketing to stay ahead of the game and keep people informed on certain circumstances.


Generally speaking, the main digital marketing areas to focus on here consist of Chatbots, SEO, and Social Media Marketing. They all have their solidified place in the spectrum.


Let’s briefly explain each right now.




People like quick answers and easy results, especially when it comes to healthcare. No one wants to wait days to get through to a person and find a solution to their healthcare problem.


So, what can a pharma company do to improve this aspect of healthcare?


Focus on:


  • Using the chatbots to engage with clients.
  • Programing automated scripts for answering services.
  • Handling questionnaires and surveys in an efficient manner.


Pharma Chatbots
Benefits of Chatbots – Digital Lab Agency




People want specific, accurate results when it comes to the pharma industry. Quite frankly, they want specific, accurate results when it comes to any industry pertaining to their health.


So, what do you do to ensure patients and clients that they can trust you?


Focus on:


  • Creating great keywords for ranking (that way, men and women will be able to find answers quickly with minimal stress).


Here’s another tip to keep in mind: Other companies will try to market similar or even the same products that you’re marketing. However, they’ll be under a different brand name, therefore triggering competition. Be on top of your SEO to make sure you’re the best of the best.


Digital Marketing for Pharma
SEO – Digital Marketing for Pharma


Social Media Marketing


People don’t like to see advertisements and sales thrown at them when it comes to the pharma industry. But, there are other ways to use social media for pharmaceutical marketing.


Focus on:


  • Promoting new research and upcoming products or projects.
  • Using photos and videos for credible proof.


Here’s another tip to keep in mind: Always be prepared to see and hear criticism from site viewers when it comes to social media marketing. They won’t always like the projects you’re working on or the products you’re trying to promote.


Digital Marketing for Pharma
Social Media for Pharma – Digital Lab Agency.


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