Businesses all around the world need to digitally market themselves – but they have a team backing them to get the job done. What do professionals do that run their own business? Oftentimes, professionals don’t have a full on marketing team, and they have to find a way to successfully market themselves to everyone else.


The best tactics to apply would be to connect with others on LinkedIn, use email marketing, and write great SEO.


Connect with others on LinkedIn


People want to feel connected professionally, especially when it comes to running their own personal business. But connections aren’t made easy in the beginning so much.


What can you do to connect your business with the world?


Focus on:


  • Connecting with people in your industry or niche first.
  • Promoting content through groups on LinkedIn and directly messaging fellow business people.


Digital Marketing for Professionals
LinkedIn for professionals – Digital Marketing for Professionals.


Use email marketing


People like to be in-the-know, but they won’t automatically give their email address up to start that kind of relationship.


What can you do to obtain peoples’ email addresses and stay in contact?


Focus on:


  • Connecting with customers.
  • To do that, offer something of value for free, like an eBook, report, or packet of information.
  • In exchange, people will likely provide their contact information, including their email addresses.


Email Marketing for Professionals
Email Marketing – Digital Marketing for Professionals.


Write great SEO


People search Google for products and services daily. They start that search and find what they’re looking for through selective SEO, or search engine optimization words.


How can you create great SEO that people will find your professional services with?


Focus on:


  • Optimizing your website for desktop and mobile users.
  • Designing the website to attract your target audience. 
  • Carefully choosing target keywords that appear throughout your site → you’ll want your site to appear on the first page of the search results if you can.


SEO for Professionals
SEO – Digital Marketing for Professionals.


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