Real estate agencies are very reliant on digital marketing schematics versus traditional marketing strategies. Digital marketing simply works better for realtors.


But what avenues, specifically, work best for real estate agencies?


Email Campaign


Email marketing allows you to develop new leads and stay in contact with current and past clients. For current and past clients, you even have the opportunity to get more specific based on prior engagements with them.


To successfully establish an email campaign, you must make it relevant to viewers so that you’ll increase your open and click-through rates.


Email Marketing
Email Campaign for Real Estate Agents | Digital Lab Agency.


User-Friendly Website


First things first: You need to make sure your loading time is quick when visitors enter your website. That means the site also has to be optimized for mobile browsing, especially considering half of web browsing is done on a cell phone.


The website should also include a list of new listings, content that will help clients with purchasing a home, and links to moving and related services.


Live chat features are also always good, especially to answer questions quickly and book appointments.


Digital Marketing - Digital Lab Agency
User-Friendly Website for Real Estate Agents | Digital Lab Agency


Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)


With PPC, you’ll only pay for the advertising when someone directly clicks on your ad. This way of advertising can be targeted towards people who have searched similar words in your ad on the search engine.


Blog Content


If you’re looking to really improve your SEO, earn a positive reputation, and give your clients great advice on buying or selling a home, you’ll want to take your blog content to the next level.


Constantly keep it fresh so that your clients can look at your blog for solid answers to many of their questions.


Virtual Tours


Video content will give your clients a real idea of what the home has to offer that they’re interested in. But, you’ll have to make sure the virtual tours can be viewed both on desktop and mobile.


Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents
Virtual tour for Real Estate Agents | Digital Lab Agency


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