Restaurants don’t want to have the same clientele day in and day out; they’d rather have the regulars come in and attend to newcomers. The best of both worlds.


But, how can a restaurant exceed their digital marketing capabilities to get such a job done?


Through loyalty programs, Yelp reviews, and Google+ accounts.


Loyalty Programs


People love getting discounts and deals when visiting their favorite restaurants – or even when visiting a restaurant for the first time. Free food will always get visitors to come back another time, if not more.


How can you implement a great loyalty program?


Focus on:


  • Partnering up with food applications to earn your customers additional points towards free food.
  • Establishing a specific loyalty program for appetizers, meals, and desserts.
  • Handing out punch cards the old fashioned way.


Digital Marketing for Restaurants
Loyalty Programs Restaurants – Digital Lab Agency.




People visit Yelp to check reviews before visiting a restaurant more often than one would think.


But, people need to understand that customers can and will review restaurants, whether they’ve experienced a positive or negative interaction or food service.


How can you ensure that your restaurant will get a good Yelp review?


Focus on:


  • Creating a Yelp account so that you can dress it up and have it work in your favor (add photos, hours, location, menu, price range, and other relevant information).
  • Acknowledging and responding to positive and negative feedback professionally.


Digital Marketing for Restaurants
Digital Marketing for Restaurants – Digital Lab Agency.


Google+ Account


People search Google for restaurant information all the time. They’d rather check in on hours of operation and other details through a quick Google search.


How do you ensure your Google listing is pristine for customers to view?


Focus on:


  • Filling out all areas of your Google+ Account.


Why do this?


Because Google Knowledge Graph pulls from the account to provide potential customers with all the important details on the side bar once a restaurant is searched.


Digital Marketing for Restaurants - Digital Lab Agency
Google+ Account – Digital Marketing for Restaurants.

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