Construction companies don’t necessarily think to use marketing schemes to promote their businesses; the simple fact behind this reluctance is because of their ability to obtain customers through word of mouth and past experiences.


But, there are so many areas to explore in marketing for construction companies. The most popular consist of Online Directories, Social Media Marketing Schemes, and Customer Referral Programs.


Let’s take a look at the simplicities of each.


Online Directories


People generally search for the best local provider’s online – here, we’re talking about construction companies. Once a search is conducted for a construction company, an online directory will pop up showing results for the immediate areas.


What can you do to make sure your company shows up on the online directories?


Focus on:


  • Filling out all the details on an online directory form, as this will affect your ranking.
  • Checking directories regularly to see where you are listed.
  • Keeping information up to date.


Marketing for Construction Companies
Marketing for Construction Companies – Digital Lab Agency.


Social Media Marketing


People want to see the personal side of your construction business, no matter how big or how small it is. That means you need to let them in, let them see you behind the scenes.


How do you do that?


Focus on:


  • Posting consistently.
  • Showing current and past projects.
  • Showing workers in action.
  • Considering creating Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. 


Think about it this way: People want to be educated on you and what you’re doing. They don’t want to always feel pressured to buy into your business; they want to feel like it was their choice, and social media marketing can do that.


Marketing for Construction Companies
Social Media for Construction Companies – Digital Lab Agency.


Customer Referral Program


People trust word of mouth marketing more than they trust online marketing – as stated in the beginning of this article. Customer referral programs were created to establish rapport and credibility that’s not biased.


How do you create such a system?


Focus on:


  • Offering free products or services to existing customers to get them happy.
  • Rewarding customers for their voluntary referrals.
  • Creating an application for people to access remotely.


Digital Marketing for Construction
Marketing for Construction Companies – Digital Lab Agency.


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