Hotels generally get regular clientele, especially if they’re located in the right areas for people coming in and out of town. That doesn’t mean that marketing doesn’t help them get more clientele, though.


How can you get more customers to visit your hotel or your hotel chain? Start using remarketing techniques, incentives, and meta search marketing.


Remarketing Techniques


People easily get distracted and don’t follow through with a lot of their hotel bookings. Most of the time, it’s because they think they’ll find another deal on another website, or the dog needs to go outside, or the baby starts crying, etc.


How can you create a perfect remarketing technique that will ensure your customers will book with you most of the time?


Focus on:


  • Creating and exporting display ads to target people who’ve recently visited your site, as a reminder to them that you’re still there.
  • Offering booking details to make sure bookings are solidified.


Digital Marketing for Hotels
Marketing for Hotels – Digital Lab Agency.




People are more apt to book when a great and unique deal is offered right away. Even if it’s just 10% off the final purchase of the hotel stay.


How can you employ great incentives for your prospective customers?


Focus on:


  • Getting your prospects to choose you over the competitors → offer a discount to new, first time customers.
  • Offering special, limited time offers for holidays or special events in the area.


Meta search marketing


People book hotels through online travel agencies most of the time. It’s easier and a better way to find the best places with the best deals. Try to get your hotel to pop to the top of that list.


How can you come up with a great meta search marketing tactic to employ?


Focus on:


  • Providing accurate availability and rates online.
  • Providing regular advertising campaigns.
  • Reminding guests to leave reviews about their experience on your site.


Digital Marketing - Digital Lab Agency.
Digital Marketing for Hotels.


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