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Law firms and lawyers lean on word of mouth reviews and Google My Business for incoming clientele. However, they’re efforts to improve their digital marketing schemes should not stop there.   If you’re a law firm or a respected lawyer looking to increase your overall clientele, you might want to look into these areas to improve your marketing: Blog Content, Instagram & Facebook, and Video Marketing.   Let’s take...

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Digital Marketing for Pharma

Pharmaceutical companies are funded through numerous programs and sponsors day-in and day-out. However, big Pharma companies do still need to participate in digital marketing to stay ahead of the game and keep people informed on certain circumstances.   Generally speaking, the main digital marketing areas to focus on here consist of Chatbots, SEO, and Social Media Marketing. They all have their solidified place in the spectrum.   Let’s briefly...

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Digital Marketing for Apps

Applications get a great marketing reputation through the app store. Reviews are typed up, star ratings are shown, and photos of past experiences are presented.   But, the app store isn’t the only place you can create digital marketing for applications. Optimizing the App Store Page is #1, but you can also consider outsourcing Reviews and targeting lead Influencers.   Let’s talk a bit about each of these categories.   Optimizing...

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Digital Marketing for Contractors - Digital Marketing

Independent contractors establish client relationships through word of mouth. That means, if you hired the contractor and you told your friends and family about him or her, chances are, when it’s their time to hire a contractor, they’ll choose to go with the person that did a great job contracting for you.   But, no one wants to hear that that’s their only option to market their...

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Digital Marketing in Mexico

Construction companies don’t necessarily think to use marketing schemes to promote their businesses; the simple fact behind this reluctance is because of their ability to obtain customers through word of mouth and past experiences.   But, there are so many areas to explore in marketing for construction companies. The most popular consist of Online Directories, Social Media Marketing Schemes, and Customer Referral Programs.   Let’s take a look at...

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Marketing for Hotels

Hotels generally get regular clientele, especially if they’re located in the right areas for people coming in and out of town. That doesn’t mean that marketing doesn’t help them get more clientele, though.   How can you get more customers to visit your hotel or your hotel chain? Start using remarketing techniques, incentives, and meta search marketing.   Remarketing Techniques   People easily get distracted and don’t follow through with a...

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Digital Marketing.

Businesses all around the world need to digitally market themselves - but they have a team backing them to get the job done. What do professionals do that run their own business? Oftentimes, professionals don’t have a full on marketing team, and they have to find a way to successfully market themselves to everyone else.   The best tactics to apply would be to connect with others...

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Digital Marketing for Restaurants

Restaurants don’t want to have the same clientele day in and day out; they’d rather have the regulars come in and attend to newcomers. The best of both worlds.   But, how can a restaurant exceed their digital marketing capabilities to get such a job done?   Through loyalty programs, Yelp reviews, and Google+ accounts.   Loyalty Programs   People love getting discounts and deals when visiting their favorite restaurants - or even...

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Digital Marketing for Events

Promotional and marketing efforts need to be put into place for events to be successful. If they’re not, the end result of an event may be different, with less attendees and less overall fun.   For people in charge of an event, and the event itself to be a big hit, digital marketing should include social media, SEO, blog posts, and online video content.   But, what should you...

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Digital Marketing for Healthcare

Marketing experts willingly help companies and businesses with promotional efforts. Ideas get bounced around and final decisions are made.   But, some areas of digital marketing aren’t as easy as that. Some processes need to be really thought out. That’s a very true statement when it comes to healthcare digital marketing schematics.   Think about it - in healthcare, how do you market well enough to get additional patients?...

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