The power of online marketing has increased exponentially within the past decade. How a brand leverages the internet to reach its customers says a lot about its success. The following 11 online marketing statistics are hard proof that if you aren’t putting laser focus on digital strategies, you will fall way behind the competition.


1. E-Commerce sales are predicted to hit $4.5 trillion in the next two years. (Shopify Plus, 2018)

If your business has a retail component, then maximizing your e-commerce platform is key to surviving. Online retail sales are expected to reach more than $4 million in 2021, a staggering number that you’ll want to be a part of. Focus on building a platform that is user-friendly, attractive and simple to navigate.


2. Google receives more than 90% of all organic traffic searches. (Web Presence Solutions, 2017)

When it comes to picking a search engine to focus your digital marketing efforts on, the clear winner is Google.


3. Eight out of 10 searchers focus only on organic results. (MarTech, 2018)

While it is important to have a balanced marketing mix, 80% of people searching the internet will gravitate toward the organic results. That means the majority of people do not click on the paid ads.


4. About 50% of Americans won’t get out of bed until they’ve checked their smartphones. (Tech Times, 2017)

This online marketing statistic speaks to how plugged in we are to technology. The fact that half of Americans check their phones before doing anything else each day, shows how important the quality of your online presence truly is.


5. Blog content is the top priority for 55% of marketer’s inbound strategy. (HubSpot, 2018)

Though blogging is a concept that has been around since the internet first emerged on the scene, now more than ever its importance is in the spotlight. Blogging not only helps attract inbound traffic, but it also helps your organization build a loyal following.


6. Using video makes you 50 times more likely to get organic traffic than plain text. (Omnicore, 2018)

Rich content attracts many more visits to your site than plain text. Infusing a combination of videos and images in your online strategy is necessary to engaging with a wider audience. Source:


7. Almost 75% of people who do a local search go check out the store within a five-mile radius. (Wordstream, 2016)

This online marketing statistics shows how people search in real time for answers. It used to be that searchers turned to the internet to do advanced research. Now, companies have the opportunity to capture searchers in the moment and turn them into customers relatively quickly.


8. Half of all searches are at least four words. (IMPACT, 2019)

Search engines have continued to grow more “intelligent,” and so have the search terms entered. Knowing that half of all searches are at least four words can help focus your copywriting and SEO strategy.


9. Lead generation from content marketing is triple the amount gained from paid search advertising. (Content Marketing Institute, 2017)

If your goal is to generate new leads, it is important to know that content marketing, versus paid search, tends to be a more effective strategy to capturing customers. Though paid search shouldn’t be eliminated, it should most likely take a back seat.


10.  When starting a search, 90% of people have not decided which brand to go with. (Status Labs, 2018)

This one is arguably the strongest online marketing statistic as it means almost every company has the same opportunity to make a first impression. Craft a strategy that is clear and attractive to get those potential customers in.


11.  Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI. (HubSpot, 2019)

The power of blogging should not be ignored. It should actually be a central component of your digital marketing strategy.


When crafting your online marketing plan, it’s important to take these online marketing statistics into serious consideration. Focus on those that are most applicable to your business, and strategize around the best way to attract new customers and build loyalty with existing ones.


Hugo Cen Co-Founder of Digital Lab Agency award winning digital marketing agency in San Diego, Ca


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