Online marketing tools are essential to businesses of all shapes and sizes, especially with the competitiveness in today’s era. Because of this, you’ll want to do everything in your power to have an advantage over others in your line of work. The best way to achieve this goal and be successful is with online marketing.


Online marketing combines social media tactics, search engine optimization efforts, email campaigning, and much more. So, diving into and doing some research on online marketing tools will be beneficial to you in the long run, helping you achieve more sales, land new clientele, and grow your business.


Some of the best online marketing tools today are listed below. Take a look and start implementing the programs that work best for you and your business.




MailChimp zeros in on email marketing as their specialty, and we all know that email marketing can give you an 80% advantage over other companies if you know how to use it.


If you’re just starting your business, be sure to learn MailChimp immediately.


The best part about this online marketing tool is that it started up even before companies were using email, making them experienced and efficient.


Free plans are available for users with less than 2,000 subscribers!





This online marketing tool is great for general marketing tactics, sales operations, and CRM software. It gives you access to tools that will help with blogging, SEO, social media, website enhancement, lead management, landing pages, calls-to-action, marketing automation, email campaigning, and analytics.


HubSpot is truly an all-in-one marketing software!





Trello is commonly used for content marketing, with a sole focus on managing projects correctly. For example, with Trello you’ll be able to share blog posts with your team members before publishing them, giving others the chance to help improve the posting before the public get to see it.




Social media is extremely important for a business to be successful in this digital era. That’s why Hootsuite is here to help you schedule social media posts for more than 30 platforms on a regular basis.


You can also identify users for your marketing team and reply to comments through the dashboard directly. It’s as if Hootsuite has your back and acts as a social media marketing manager.



Google Analytics


This free tool from Google is perfect for determining where all of your traffic is coming from. All you have to do is add the quote to your website and you’ll instantly be able to track the actions of all your visitors – think of it as a traffic tool!





KISSmetrics will tell you what’s working and what’s not working across both your mobile and web campaigns. Additionally, you’ll be able to track and analyze every single move you make. Funnel reports that determine “leaks” are just an added bonus.


Though most online marketing tools are free of charge, this one costs $120 per month. If you have the extra cash and you’re willing to implement such efficient practices, go for it!





Improve your social media marketing strategy with the easy to use and very effective Followerwonk.


The one thing that holds you back with this tool is that it can only be used on one social media platform: Twitter. So far, it can not be integrated for use in other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.



All in One SEO Pack


This marketing tool pairs very well with the famous WordPress. It’ll make sure you make good decisions on your content and it’ll tell you just how that content is currently appealing to your target audience.


An added bonus is that All in One SEO Pack is compatible with many other plugins.


Additional information is always available if you simply click the easily accessible “?” symbols near most all areas of the platform.



Do you need to learn more about your market? If so, this is the perfect tool to help you better understand your competition and learn what content performs best in your area of expertise.


Answer questions like what’s performing best in your niche? It’s as easy as that!


Crazy Egg


If you’re trying to figure out what’s working on your website and what’s not, Crazy Egg is the platform to use.


Make website changes that generate better results and use minimal IT help to get you started.


Featured add-ons include heatmaps and house recording, analysis reporting, platforms and integrations, personalization, research, and user feedback.


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