Digital marketing has gained momentum over the past few years. In some industries, digital marketing strategies have even surpassed traditional marketing concepts to become the main focus. According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing budgets this year are expected to stay the same or rise for 86% of business to business marketers. If your organization focuses on B2B customers, then these are the top B2B digital marketing strategies for 2019 that you’ll want to implement immediately. 


1. Focus on Quality Content Marketing

Focusing on content marketing will be key to your B2B marketing strategy. First and foremost, you have to be aware that creating content goes beyond talking just about your organization. It’s about creating content that people are actually interested in reading, and publishing it on channels that your audience frequents. Whether you start a blog or plan to establish a strong social media presence, only 20 percent of your content should be about you, while the remaining 80 percent is about an interesting, relevant topic. Curate your content based on the businesses you are targeting by helping answer important questions they may have and teaching them something applicable to their day-to-day operations.


2. Implement Marketing Automation

Personalization is one of the most prominent B2B digital marketing trends. Do not take a one size fits all approach. This is especially critical for any email marketing you are doing. Not only should your emails feel personal in the way they are addressed, but also in the copy and content of the email itself. Segment your database so that your emails are not mass marketed to your entire list. Your messages will be more effective when it’s targeted to the reader. Not only with your open rates improve, but your engagement and ROI will improve too.


3. Utilize Effective SEO Tactics

Search engine optimization was one of the top b2b digital marketing strategies in 2018, and this is still the case for 2019. Visibility in the top results of search engines is vital to being discovered by other businesses. Infusing local keywords should be a priority as well, as almost half of all searches on Google are now local. It’s not enough to just place popular keywords in the copy of your website. Your keywords should be well researched, targeted and strategically implemented natively throughout your site in meta titles and tags, headings and body copy.


4. Leverage LinkedIn

Your B2B marketing should also leverage LinkedIn, the leading online professional networking platform that connects businesses worldwide. Now, close to 80 percent of all B2B leads originate from LinkedIn. It is not enough to simply have a profile. Your presence should be an active one, engaging directly and indirectly with your audiences. Build your network through connections and groups, spread content by publishing articles and obtain leads through organic and paid posts.


5. Infuse Video Content

While beautiful, vibrant photography is still important, infusing video content should be one of your innovative b2b marketing strategies. Media is much more rich and interactive now, and video is a central part of that. Studies have shown that retention of video is much higher than other forms of media. This is especially key when the competition to capture B2B business is high in your industry. Some research has even shown that videos can increase on-page conversions by as much as 80 percent.


If you’re looking to drive additional B2B sales, then these digital marketing strategies should be central in your efforts. The B2B digital marketing trends of focusing on quality content marketing, implementing marketing automation, utilizing effective SEO tactics, leveraging LinkedIn and infusing video content are key to competing in today’s markets.

 Hugo Cen Co-Founder of Digital Lab Agency award winning digital marketing agency in

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