Nowadays it is necessary to have an online presence for anyone who does a medical consultation or operates a private clinic.


Digital Marketing in the health industry is fundamental for all professionals in the health sector, especially for medical professionals who work with a private practice or clinic, that most Internet users search their ailments.


This is a good opportunity for a future client to find you because the doctor who knows the subject of your ailment and the others who do it, the same for any of the medical professionals who work in their specialty, to consult them or to ask for an appointment online.


This means that the medical sector today still has many opportunities for professionals who are aware of the importance of having an Internet presence since the competition that exists in this sector is not the same as that which exists in other sectors. directed to the final consumption, or directed to another type of end users.

It is true that there are certain sectors such as psychology or aesthetics, where competition is high, but in most of the specialties, there are still important opportunities to position themselves.


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At present, users obtain health information through the Internet and this influences their decision making.

Medicine, together with digital technology and society are constantly evolving, in fact, doctors and the health sector must always remain independent of the needs of the different societies that exist.


Remember that in each of the segments of the population there are different needs that must be met and one of the main characteristics of a society is that it is constantly changing and now the internet together with social networks have generated new habits and greater awareness in the patients.


Physicians are facing a new challenge: patients are more informed than ever and in search of new doctor-patient interactions that go beyond just a consultation, especially we talk about technologies that open a wide range of opportunities and that They help to communicate remotely, either through voice, video or written messages.



In our article “Digital Marketing Strategies for Physicians and Health Professionals” we explain why it is very necessary to carry out these strategies to be sold within this digital age.


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Now to make it clearer we will say why it is important for a doctor to join digital marketing.


3 points that demonstrate that Digital Marketing is important for the Medical Sector:


To optimize resources:

It allows to optimize costs and efforts, so each action carried out will allow optimizing others at the right time.


Minimizes risks:

It makes it easy to monitor and measure all the actions that are carried out, such as how many people have been reached, or how the brand’s image is found.


It helps to make changes:

When the monitoring system has worked, it will help to see more clearly what happens and will allow decisions to be made in a way that is contrasted with the reality that helps create a different way of communicating and caring for patients. that will make the difference with the rest of the competitors.


Here we tell you 3 facts that you have to take into account in your strategy and why digital presence in the health sector is important:


• The search for health information on the internet increases: 

One in 20 Google searches is to obtain health-related information such as hospitals, their departments or doctors or diseases and their symptoms and treatments.

That’s why we recommend that you open a blog as soon as possible, within your website and that you can share it on your social networks and have access to visual content so that it has more scope and also available.


• Content is an important key to the decision process

Users are more inclined to search for health information online, but at the same time, they have doubts about the trust and reliability granted.

Only 43% rely enough on the information obtained. 93% trusted more in the doctor, 84% in nursing, 80% in the pharmacy and 75% inpatient associations.

Therefore, a content strategy for the web as we said first, a blog, social networks or via email that includes documents, checklists, electronic books, videos designed to educate and create a personalized experience, is a key element for establishing a relationship of trust with our public and more patients or sales.


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• What other describe in social networks influence the choice of medical center 

41% take into account what is said on social networks when choosing a doctor, hospital or specific medical center. 40% take into account the information that exists in social networks to act against a chronic disease or on how to diet and exercise. 25% of patients with a disease use social networks to see the testimonies of others who suffer from it.


Digital Marketing for Physicians has its responsibility


A digital marketing agency should be responsible for the creation of a brand, that is, the content and branding that generate a better reputation in the good reputation on the Internet, this being the most important asset for a health or healthcare institution.


Remember that a marketing strategy for doctors must have a clear relationship with the way in which the relationship of trust with patients is fostered, always in an objective, prudent and truthful manner.


If you want to know more about how a marketing strategy, you can help the generation of prospects in the medical sector to help you improve your clinic or health care center.


At Digital Lab Agency, we want to help you.

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